hat last

meet: michelle, a first year humanities student i have spotted in various adorable hats all over campus.

her personal style: "i just wear what i like."

hat: h&m



probably my absolute favourite fall trend is the chanel-esque tweed jacket (available by the arm-load at zara or your local thrift store). you can throw it on top of jeans and a t-shirt for a bit of a dressier denim look, pair it with pajama trousers for pattern overload, add it to a dress for some warmth at a fall dinner, pile it on top of black tights and a skirt for some colour in an adorable collegiate ensemble... i could go on and on.

meet: ianitza, a third year combined fine arts and art & sciences student (trying saying that three times fast).

her personal style: "simplicity with a punch."

jacket: unknown label, once belonging to a relation
top: club monaco
trousers: zara
sneakers: converse
ring: bulgaria


boys' club

yet another infallible fall staple is throwing a blazer on top of pretty much anything. add a pair of super trendy shoes and you're good to go.

meet: andrea, a second year communications and multimedia student, as well as a designer for her own clothing line! you can see some of her fabulous pieces here.

her personal style: "my style is seasonal. i go through a lot of phases: punk, sophisticated, and right now, boyish."

blazer: red (located in jackson square)
bag: zara
bracelet: aldo